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  • Design: Our team of highly skilled designers are ready to take on any challenge you might face in your product development cycle. 3D printing requires a ton of pre-processing and design intervention, which, we happily take care of for you.
  • End-to-End Solution: We come in at the concept stage and exit at production.
    Concept -> Design -> Prototype -> Production
  • Multiple Process Options: We offer all major 3D printing options
    FDM - early stage design validation (Inexpensive, quick)
    SLS - for accurate and functional prototypes
    SLA - High-accuracy, precision parts generally made to validate design and form factor just before production
  • Time-to-Market: With the help of our advanced 3D printers and a team of thinkers, we make sure you reach the market ahead of all the competition. Our expertise lies in ensuring your focus stays on your core business.
  • High Quality: We have zero tolerance for anything but the best. Our stringent quality checks ensure you receive a prototype that is an exact replica of your idea.
  • Finish: We use a 3-stage industrial post-processing technique to make your prototypes look and feel like consumer products.


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